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Laser Hair Removal

Complete hair removal for all areas
Safe, quick and virtually painless. Work with CUA today!

More About Laser Hair Removal

Stop Shaving, Waxing & Plucking!

Did you know that shaving, waxing, and plucking are rated as the ‘most loathed’ beauty task lists, so it makes sense that laser hair removal is the 2nd most common cosmetic procedure. At Central Utah Aesthetics we offer safe, quick, and virtually painless laser hair removal.

EXTRA SMALL - Starting at $50

Choose: Brow, Upper Lip, Ears, Feet, Hands, Navel Strip, Sideburns, Chin

SMALL - Starting at $100

Choose: Upper Lip & Chin, Bikini, Neck (front or back), Underarms

MEDIUM: Starting at $200

Choose: Full Face, Scalp, Extended Bikini, Buttocks, Inner Thighs, Half Arm w/ Hands

LARGE: Starting at $250

Choose: Half Leg, Chest, Brazilian, Half Back, Arms w/ Hands

EXTRA LARGE: Starting at $300

Choose: Chest & Abs, Full Back, Half Leg w/ Feet

FULL LEGS: Starting at $350

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