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Vitamin IV Therapy & Injections

Powerful vitamin packed Vitamin IV therapy treatments along with vitamin injections to help treat various ailments.

More About Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy - $130

Vitamin IV therapy generally takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The vitamins we add to your bag of fluids depend on the benefits you are looking to receive. Energy boosts, pain relief, healthy hair and skin, and digestive health are some of the things targeted by specific mixtures.

  • Common Bags – Meyers Cocktail
  • This “cocktail” is packed full of Vitamin C, B vitamins, and many others to help give you a boost and keep you feeling well.

IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits

  • Immunity Boost
  • Pain Relief (Joints & Muscles)
  • Boost in Energy
  • Allergy Relief
  • Improved Mood
  • Kills Viruses
  • Headache & Migraine Relief

Vitamin Injection Options

Vitamin B-12


  • Best known for the energy boost you receive from it
  • Come in once a month to get a quick injection
  • Have you feeling more energized throughout the month
  • A healthier, longer lasting alternative to caffeine or other energy supplement

Vitamin MIC B-12


  • A B-Vitamin complex used to help with weight loss and energy
  • Helps your body release fat deposits, speed up your metabolism, give you a boost of energy to get up and go
  • Simultaneously helps with cravings and hunger
  • Given through an injection and can be given up to once a week for best results.



  • An anti-oxidant that has four main benefits
  • An all natural way to treat peripheral artery disease, it increases athletic performance, boosts your immune system
  • Aids in the health of your hair and nails.
  • Given through and IV or an injection.

Our Promise at Central Utah Aesthetics

Whether you’re are looking for vitamin therapy for whole-body wellness, combating a cold, or would like to have more energy. Our providers can create a IV cocktail that is right for you.

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